Directory The Village of Hebron

Hebron, the sixth town founded in Licking County, is located on Route 40, the “Old National Trail,” which was constructed through Hebron in 1834. The road originated in Cumberland, Maryland, and ended in Vandalia, Illinois.

The Ohio-Erie Canal extended from Cleveland on Lake Erie to Portsmouth on the Ohio River and was constructed through Hebron in 1828. Since the direction of these two major routes of transportation crossed directly in the center of Hebron, the village became known at that time as, “The Crossroads of Ohio,” and is still the nickname of the village to this day.

Hebron was a busy marketplace as it opened up the whole area for importing and exporting products. Soon there were tanneries, sawmills, warehouses, distilleries, stagecoach stops, and pioneer traffic heading west-word.

Home to Canal Park, which features two lighted ball fields, a gazebo, a shelter house, and a playground, as well as Evans Park, with its protected wetlands, walking path, basketball courts, BMX park, Veterans Memorial, baseball, football, and soccer fields.

Source: Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce