Directory The Village of Buckeye Lake

Incorporated in July of 1980, the Village of Buckeye Lake sits along State Route 79 and is approximately halfway between Columbus and Zanesville, Ohio, where many of the residents commute to work in these towns. It is a growing community, covering 1,159 acres or 1.81 square miles, with a population of approximately 3,200 residents.

Interestingly, the village was originally comprised of privately-owned so-called, “additions.” Instead of selling the land to the cottage owners, it was leased for around $10 a year. The additions were Neel, Myer, Rosebraugh, Bounds, Carlin, Elliott, and Holtsberry. Today, nearly all land has been sold to homeowners.

The evolution from a resort area to an incorporated residential village was driven by the desire to update former summer cottages into year-round, permanent homes. Interesting places to see in Buckeye Lake Village include the Blue Heron nesting area, the Buckeye Lake Historical Museum, the multi-use trail along the original canal towpath, and the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.

The village once held an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, dance pavilions, and arcade, and was known as the Playground of Ohio. During the 1940s, the dance halls hosted big Hollywood names such as Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and more.

After purchasing the former amusement park property, the State of Ohio developed the grounds into the North Shore Park with 3 boat ramps, a swimming area at Crystal Beach, restrooms, and public docks. This park also offers access to the east end of the 4.1-mile multi-use path on the lake. Smooth and level with an asphalt surface, this trail along the shoreline is unique and scenic, and permits both walking and bicycling.

A fire department, Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Civic Association are all active in the concerns and welfare of the community and in the affairs of the self-governed, growing village. Buckeye Lake Village has a nicely equipped park, Ryan Park, with a ball diamond, basketball court, picnic shelter, bike & skateboard park, restrooms, and playground equipment. Several restaurants, a brewery, a bank, an auto parts store, a hardware store, and a motel are all business assets to the community.

Spend an afternoon in the Village of Buckeye Lake – you may be so enchanted, that you become the newest resident!

Source: Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce