Directory Fairfield Beach

For a century after the “Big Swamp” was discovered by European settlers the South Side of what became Buckeye Lake was little more than oil wells and farmland. After the demise of the canals the first steps of development of the lake as a resort rather than a canal feeder began. Fishing cabins, social clubs, and the Shell House Hotel constituted the development of the South Side until the mid-1920’s, when attention turned in a serious way to what would become Fairfield Beach.

Arthur Smadbeck, a developer from New York City, set things in motion. Known for developing rural tracts bordering lakes at vacation areas and seeing a similar opportunity at Buckeye Lake Smadbeck purchased the land that would become Fairfield Beach from the Zollinger family. He subdivided it, creating the roads and lots we know today, and then sold it to the Columbus Dispatch. 20’ x 100’ lots were offered to subscribers of six months or more starting on August 5, 1926 for $69.50, with $9.50 down and the balance in $3 installments.

In November of 1926, the Fairfield Beach Property Owners Association (FBPOA) was established as a civic organization for residents of the Beach and at times boasted 216 members. The FBPOA has gone through many phases, holding dances, community clean ups, hosting speakers, and giving the members of the community a voice. Fairfield Beach has grown from a seasonal retreat to a vibrant, diverse, year-round community. Fairfield Beach has the largest area of natural shoreline public access on Buckeye Lake, with a sand swimming beach, picnic area, boat ramp, and abundant public parking.

There’s more to the story of the Beach and the FBPOA to be written. The addition of a new convenience store by Andy Wolfe has brought fuel, groceries, and a laundromat to the most populous unincorporated neighborhood in the Region. Add the energy brought by the Buckeye Lake Winery, Beach House Pub and the Cantina, updates and improvements to the campground and the State Park and the Beach’s future is bright. Be sure to visit when you come to the Lake!

– Submitted by Alex Fant, FBPOA President
Source: Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce